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The Ultimate Massager Experience

The Ultimate Massager Experience - Plan’H

The Ultimate Massager Experience

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Bring SPA Home

Relieve your back, neck, shoulders, or legs pain with our Ultimate Massager.

Why people are loving our Ultimate Massager?

🙆‍♂️ Feels like Real Massage
🤌 High Quality Leather
🧘‍♀️ Full Body Massager ( Neck, Back, Shoulders, & Legs )
🪢 Detangles Stubborn Muscle Knots
☀️ Deep Heat Sensation

How does our Massager improve the whole body function and relieve your body pain? 

1-Improve Body Function: Our massager can promote blood circulation for the body to provide adequate nutrient, improve lymph detoxification, relax the muscles to maintain body balance of yin and yang.

2-Improve The Quality of Sleep: Our massager can make the body relax, eliminate fatigue, and relieve pressure. It improves sleep and improve quality of sleep.

3-Condition gastrointestinal function: Our massager improve gastrointestinal function, promote the new supersedes the old, improve digestion, help digestion, relieve constipation and other gastrointestinal adverse circumstances.

How to use PlanH™ Massager

1) Turn On Massager & Deep heat

2) Use the Handles to Apply Pressure

This is what's special about our Shiatsu Massager. The handles! The more you pull them the higher the pressure. This provides a realistic human massage feeling.

3) Sit Back & Relax

You can now relax until the 15 minutes massage session is over.



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